Thailand: Day 3

We started the day early in the morning. Skipped breakfast (which was fine by me because we’ve had such large, filling meals). Our first stop, xxxxxx. There are several Buddhist temples located here. While my sisterinlaw and family were saying prayers at the Thai temple, I set off to explore the other temples. They were absolutely stunning.

It’s peaceful here. But, my brother says on the weekends (we visited on a weekday), it’s very crowded with people who come to worship.

After the temples, we went to Madam Greene Seafood. The restaurant is a popular spot in the city of Hua Hin. I can see why: Open air restaurant that serves great seafood. Where we sat, I had an awesome view of a mountain across the bay. You could see other statutes from other temples and lots of greenery.

Wat Mongxxxc was just majestic. Single

We ended our evening with dinner at a local street restaurant. It’s one of several around the city of Bangkok at open when most businesses close and closes at the crack of dawn. We sat right along the sidewalk on the busy street.

The serves took our order fast. Food was served up quick. How was it? As my brother put it, “Street food at its finest.”

Thailand: Day 2

Day 2 of Thailand started and ended with lots of food. But, in between eating, I did manage to get my hair all done up.

We started the day with a Thai breakfast: Rice porridge, moo pork, moo ping and gai yang, chicken arms and fried pork belly. Yum!

Then, it was a day of haircuts and styling for me, my brother and my sisterinlaw. I got not only a haircut, I got my hair and conditioned, too. You’ll have to see me when I get back to take a look at my new hairdo. Lol.

I was supposed to get some permanent tattoos done today too. But, I opted out and instead joined the family to an outing to Talay Thai Seafood Market. That place specializes in fresh seafood that you can purchase and then have it prepared to your preference by the kitchen staff. Vendors also sells fresh fruit, dried seafood and a few other things.

While I was checking out the marketplace, my family was purchasing the food. Yes, they ordered too much food for dinner! But everything was absolutely great tasting!

Day is not completely over. After recovering from my food coma, gonna party a little with Thai family!

Thailand: Day 1


DSC_0889After that long 22 hour flight, you’d think I would have been exhausted. Nope. I was anxious to get the adventure going. First stop: Kaung Seafood restaurant. I didn’t have wifi access so I had my brother checking in for me on Facebook. Had to mark this this.

My Thai family and brother ordered several dishes including Thai Crab Curry and Oysters on a Hot Plate. Yummy. And yes, I over ate and was stuffed by the time we left.

After lunch, we headed to my Thai family’s home to get some much needed rest. But within a few hours, there was talk of dinner and where to go. I was still stuffed from lunchtime and asked to go someplace where we could eat light. Yeah, that really happened — not!

We were eating again. This time at a local place. The place specialized in barbecue and pitchers of beer. Did I say “pitchers” of beer — 3 liters? I still needed to hydrate so I refrained from drinking beer and stuck with bottled water.

By the way, this local spot — not a place to eat light. Barbecued pork and chicken and several other “small” plates later, I’m once again stuffed.

The family, by the way, shared three “pitchers” of beer — including sharing the last two with a friend of my brother. Out of all the places in Bangkok, my brother just ran into a guy he works with in China here at this bbq spot. Added surprise, the guy’s company car broke down on his way to celebrate a birthday dinner his family had prepared for him. Instead, fate sent him our way and he celebrated his birthday with us!

First full day in Bangkok almost over. Already eating too much and taking in sights and sounds. Thank you to our hosts Wichai Amex and Kaew and to my brother Randy and my sisterinlaw Aom for making today great.

Can’t wait for the rest of my Thailand adventure!